Mirco Paldo : Senior Physiotherapist

Mirco Paldo

Senior Physiotherapist

Mirco graduated from the University of Salerno, Italy in 2016.  Mirco has previously worked with patients following minor car injuries.  He works for Premier Physical Healthcare in the West Berkshire area and has a keen interest in sports physiotherapy. .


Hessam Soutakbar : Senior Physiotherapist

Hessam Soutakbar

Senior Physiotherapist

Dr Hessam Soutakbar is a physiotherapist specialised in sports and exercise medicine. Hessam completed a medical PhD and MSc in sports medicine at Nottingham University. Dr Soutakbar has been an affiliated researcher to the ARUK for four years followed by a postdoctoral clinical research position at the University of Oxford between 2016 and 2019. He is still an honorary researcher at Oxford University continuing his research in the field of sports, exercise and OA, in which he has presented his research nationally and internationally such as opening plenary session at the world osteoarthritis conference.

Hessam has a specialist interest in treating patients with soft tissue injuries and currently works with the Premier physical Healthcare as an advanced specialist practitioner, where he mainly provides consultation to our local GP surgeries patients with regards their orthopaedic conditions.



Christie Wan : Senior Physiotherapist

Christie Wan

Senior Physiotherapist

Christie graduated as a physiotherapist in 2016 and worked within the NHS and Birmingham City Football academy. Christie has recently completed her Masters degree at University College London, specializing in Orthopaedics intervention and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. Christie has a passionate interest in acute musculoskeletal medicine with a specialized skill set in Acute Trauma and Outdoor First Aid. She provides a variety of treatments such as dry needling, kinesiology taping, athletic taping, as she aspires to help patients with diagnosed conditions, utilizing her knowledge and experience in assessing her patient's ability to achieve their milestone. Christie also enjoys treating sports-related injuries in swimming, tennis and golf, to enhance sports performance with the aid of physiotherapy.  To continue her professional development, she is working towards a steroid injection course, with the goal to introduce platelet rich plasma injections for musculoskeletal condition as a physiotherapist in the future.


Gianluca Roviello : Senior Physiotherapist

Gianluca Roviello

Senior Physiotherapist

Gianluca graduated in 2017 from the University of Naples 'Federico II', 110 cum laude. He then worked in Florence in collaboration with an orthopedic surgeon. Gianluca treated patients with different musculoskeletal pathologies and patients after surgeries such as hip prostheses and cuff repairs. He also assisted the orthopedic surgeon in his clinical practice and also to attend some of his surgical operations in 'Corcordia Hospital' of Rome and 'Rizzoli Hospital' of Bologne. In August 2018 Gianluca worked with the youth academy with professional football team, 'ACF Fiorentina'. Now working for Premier Physical Healthcare Gianluca works in three GP Surgeries and a Private clinic in Kent ( Kingswood , Kingsnorth and Sandgate surgery).

Samuel Ghate : Senior Physiotherapist

Samuel Ghate

Senior Physiotherapist

Samuel graduated from from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India in 2007. He worked in the private sector developing his experience in MSK outpatient, Stroke rehab and Cardiac ITU.

He provided physiotherapy to Ex-service men contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) regulated by the Ministry of Defense (MOD), Government of India.

He has completed his MSC in Advancing Physiotherapy practice from Coventry University UK  2011. Later, worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist for a semi-professional football club in South London 2012. He is experienced in assessing and treating injuries related to the work place and road traffic accidents (RTA). He has worked in close liaison with reputed private insurance companies and solicitors within the UK. This has built a foundation for his interest in medico-legal Physiotherapy practice in the UK. His experience in outpatient MSK within NHS has developed his competence to deliver effective care and treatments through improving clinical/ research knowledge/skill, and expertise.

Samuel has also worked as Senior Physiotherapist registered with Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) within sectors like community MSK, Neurology and pain management. As a multi-linguist, he developed excellent rapport with the patients and the multidisciplinary team in the UAE.


Clare Heath : Head of Operations

Clare Heath

Head of Operations

Clare qualified in 2000 and started her career working in the NHS where she quickly specialised in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. After leaving the NHS she worked in football for five, developing a solid understanding and experience of sports physiotherapy. Clare has worked for Premier since 2005 starting as a senior physiotherapist. Since 2007 she has been part of the senior management team and now manages the operations and clinical practice across the UK.  she is involved in private care and NHS care. Clare has a special interest in Pilates and functional stability/rehabilitation she is a qualified Pilates instructor as well as a senior physiotherapist and so combines her competent manual therapy clinical skills with specialised individual rehabilitation.


Emma Cooper : Regional Manager and Senior Physiotherapist

Emma Cooper

Regional Manager and Senior Physiotherapist

Emma qualified in 2009 from Manchester Metropolitan University, she spent two years working within the NHS before starting at a private firm and specializing in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Emma is an experienced manual therapist, some of the techniques she uses includes spinal mobilisations, soft tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point massage to name but a few. Emma is also competent in exercise prescription and is a qualified acupuncturist and disability assessor.


Matilda James : Senior Physiotherapist

Matilda James

Senior Physiotherapist

Matilda graduated from the University of Brighton in 2017 and spent two years working at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford in both an acute ward-based setting and in outpatients. Matilda has experience treating patients on ICU and the surgical, older persons rehabilitation and neurology wards.  She has spent a year working on the orthopaedic wards rehabilitating patients post-operatively alongside those with a wide variety of acute musculoskeletal conditions, but outpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy has always been her main interest to design treatment plans specific for each patient's needs and working with them towards a goal.


Ingvild Drake : Regional Manager & Senior Physiotherapist

Ingvild Drake

Regional Manager & Senior Physiotherapist

Ingvild qualified from Teeside University in Middlesborough in 1999 following a previous degree in Sports Science from her native Norway. Ingvild joined Premier in 2014 as Regional Manager in Kent where she oversees a team of four physiotherapists across 12 NHS and Private clinics. Ingvild is a keen sports woman and does a lot of running, in particular long distance. She has competed at a high national level within Biathlon in Norway and was on the B-team for Norway. Her main interest is sports physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.


Anna Moss : Senior Physiotherapist

Anna Moss

Senior Physiotherapist

Anna qualified from University of East London in 2012. She has worked in private practice since qualifying, specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and sports injuries. Very keen on supporting women's sports she has enjoyed volunteering for many local sports teams including women’s netball and football.


Marilia Pires : Regional Manager and Senior Therapist

Marilia Pires

Regional Manager and Senior Therapist

I qualified from Sheffield Hallam University with an Msc in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I have experience in a wide range of hospital physiotherapy departments, including intensive care, acute trauma and neurosurgery units. I enjoy working with all individuals and a broad range of injuries. However working with musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries have always been my main focus. I always strive to achieve the therapeutic goals set up together with my clients through personalised functional and specific rehabilitation and exercise prescription and by combining treatment methods. In treating patients I use a variety of techniques including joint mobilization, soft tissue release, kinesio-taping , advice and education.


Deborah Jason : Senior Physiotherapist

Deborah Jason

Senior Physiotherapist

Deborah gained her Bachelors of Physiotherapy followed by a Msc Sports Bio mechanics degree from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Scotland. She specialises in orthpaedics and sports injuries(Manual therapy, instrumented based tissue mobilisations)


Vladimir Senciuc : London Regional Manager & Senior Physiotherapist

Vladimir Senciuc

London Regional Manager & Senior Physiotherapist

Vladimir graduated in 2014 with a Physiotherapy degree from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania. He is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a particular interest in Sport and Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation. He enjoys a hands on approach to treatment, and is particularly interested in spinal and lower limb injuries using a wide range of techniques such as soft tissue massage, manual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and he is currently training to perform dry needling (Acupuncture).  Vladimir takes pride isolating the causative factor, educating on preventative measures and treating the individual as a collect not just the injury.''


Federico Scalzilli : Senior Physiotherapist

Federico Scalzilli

Senior Physiotherapist

Federico graduated from the University of Chieti, Italy in 2013. He has previously worked for five years in Italy with patients with musculoskeletal , respiratory and neurological disorders.  Federico specialises in treating musculoskeletal disorders, especially those concerning the neck and lumbar spine, he is firmly committed to developing his manual therapy clinical skills. Since 2018 he has started attending the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Pescara (Italy) in order to further increase the quality of his clinical reasoning process and hands-on treatments.


Russell Burwood : Offender Health Manager &  Senior Physiotherapist

Russell Burwood

Offender Health Manager & Senior Physiotherapist

Prior to gaining his physiotherapy qualifications Russell worked as a personal trainer for over six years working with high level athletes and actors. He lived in America coaching football for over four years before returning and working at Chelsea F.C which also included coaching a disability football team.  Since graduating as a physiotherapy Russell was worked with a wide variety of patients where he also carried out the shoulder rehabilitation class on a weekly basis, he has keen interests in wide variety of activities including football, basketball, badminton and scuba diving.


Juliet Liberda : Senior Physiotherapist

Juliet Liberda

Senior Physiotherapist

Juliet qualified from Kings College London with a Bsc Honours degree in Physiotherapy in 2011. She completed an additional diploma in sports massage and started working with a local rugby club as well as specialising in occupational physiotherapy to maximise her exposure to a variety of patients and circumstances.  Juliet enjoys treating patients from high level athletes to the average office worker and has completed further training in manipulation, mobilisation, ergonomic desk assessment and qualified as an acupuncture practitioner.


Cecile Brocheret : Senior Physiotherapist

Cecile Brocheret

Senior Physiotherapist

Cecile qualified in 1999 and since worked in France and England in both the public and private sectors. She is passionate about and has extensive experience in “lifestyle” physiotherapy, promoting movement and facilitating rehabilitation in everyday life. Cecile has developed these skills through her professional experience, working with corporate organisations such as Unilever and BP as well as extensive experience in sports with a Paris based semi-professional rugby league club, NEC Harlequins youth development and other adhoc sporting events such as the Handicapped Tour de France and London Marathon.


Jennifer Luke : Senior Physiotherapist

Jennifer Luke

Senior Physiotherapist

Jennifer qualified in 2014 from India and also has a Master’s degree in Advanced Musculoskeletal physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. She spent a few years gaining varied experience in a hospital, clinic and ergonomic setup and has been with Premier Physical Therapy for a year now. Jennifer is a certified manual therapist she often uses spinal mobilisations, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point release and acupuncture in her practice along with exercise prescription.