Premier has a track record of success working with corporate employers tangibly improving the productivity, health and wellbeing of the workforce, enabling them to also meet the legislative requirements upon them as employers.

Premier services include the provision of occupational and ergonomic physiotherapy, workstation assessments, return to work suitability assessments and pre-employment screening, physiotherapy rehabilitation, podiatry and sports massage services. Premier has a national network of chartered and state registered ergonomic trained physiotherapists, who are available for on-site consulting in diverse environments including industrial, manufacturing and corporate settings.

Premier also provides health and safety training in areas encompassing sound ergonomics for computer users, manual handling training, DSE awareness and anatomical and postural awareness.

All on-site consultations and treatment interventions are based on best practice and underpinned by high levels of professionalism and evidence based clinical standards. There are strong links between Premier and other occupational specialists and professionals enabling multidisciplinary management and restoration of gainful productive working patterns. Full functional restoration is always specific to the individual and the client work and lifestyle requirements.

Our clinicians have ergonomic knowledge of workplace demands, human tolerances and the working environment and are best placed to ensure harmony between all these factors and client wellbeing.

We have strong supportive evidence and statistics have been compiled over the years that detail in depth the bottom line cost savings that a global client has made from our working alliance, amounting to 6.7 million pounds across their workforce of 10,000, in the year ending 2006 alone. if you would like the opportunity to discuss your company’s requirements and to understand the issues that you currently face and are manageing, please contact us at

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